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Automotive Transfer Seats

A&J Mobility offers a complete line of Automotive Seating products which allow you to effortlessly transfer or enter and exit your vehicle. Best of all, these great products can be added to most types and brands of vehicles, including sedans, SUVs, wagons, crossovers, vans and pickup trucks. Specialized automotive seating can change the way you travel.

Valet Signature Turning Automotive Seating

Valet Signature seats are designed for your independence when entering and exiting a vehicle.With the push of a button, the Valet Plus and Valet Limited rotate, extend outside the vehicle and lower to a comfortable height.Getting in and out of your vehicle is safer and easier than ever.

Power Transfer Seat Bases

Power Transfer Seat Bases for full-size & wheelchair accessible vans allow users capable of self-transfer to ride or drive from the OEM factory seat. While providing multi-function 6-way adjustment, all factory seat adjustments and functions are left intact.

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Truck & SUV Seats

There are many models of transfer seats for trucks and SUV's available.

Passenger Car Seats

Bruno introduced turning seat solutions to the US market in 2000 and ever since ...the product has been very popular. There are many models of mobility transfer seats available available. In most cases the model you need will be decided on what type of vehicle you want to add the turning vehicle seat into. Don&#...