A&J is built on a strong commitment to quality, service, and assuring the automotive mobility freedom our valued customers have come to expect of us. We strive to understand the individual needs of our customers and are dedicated to achieving their automotive mobility dreams. A&J employees must have that same pledge to quality and be up for the challenge of servicing this exceptional need.

Mobility Consultants at A&J Mobility create relationships with and personalized experiences for our customers by finding innovative automotive mobility solutions that complement and enhance our customers' lifestyles. Mobility Consultants identify needs, educate on solutions, and give the individualized custom experience that builds a relationship with the A&J Family. All members of the A&J Family are held to the highest ethical standards to create long-standing award-winning customer satisfaction.

Job duties include, but are not limited to, the following:

Customer Interface:

Greeting customers in a prompt, professional, and courteous manner wherever they encounter customers. This may be in the showroom, outside on the lot, in the service or parts departments, in customers’ homes, or in facilities outside of an A&J location.

  • Assisting customers by identifying their unique mobility need, finding vehicles or adaptive equipment that satisfy that need.
  • Test driving vehicles with customers and demonstrating the features and benefits of vehicles.
  • Answering all questions of the customers and addressing all concerns, assisting them in every aspect of buying a vehicle.
  • Negotiating price, terms and conditions, following the direction of the sales manager on duty.
  • Escorting customers throughout the sales process according to the automobile sales system that is in place at the dealership.

Scope of Position:

This document is intended to set forth the general specifications of the position. Alternate duties may be assigned to the incumbent not specifically mentioned herein.

Work Environment:

The work environment characteristics described here are representative of those an employee encounters while performing the essential functions of this job. Reasonable accommodations may be made to ensure individuals with disabilities are able to perform the essential functions.

Educational Requirements:

There are no formal education requirements to become a Mobility Consultant outside of satisfactorily completing a vehicle sales training program provided by the dealership. After the initial sales training, consultants will receive ongoing coaching from A&J leadership. While no prior experience is required for Mobility Consultants, there are certain traits that can help assure success in this position. These include, but are not limited to the following:

  • Strong product knowledge. Ability to demonstrate and/or present company products. Must also have the ability to operate products, vehicles, and equipment.
  • An Auto Sales license is required for this position.
  • Maintain proper hygiene and dress in a well-put-together, business-like manner. First impressions are important in this role.
  • Strong communication skills, both spoken and written, including legible handwriting.
  • Great listener. It is essential in identifying the particular needs and preferences of the A&J Customer and guiding them toward an appropriate solution.
  • Organization and follow-up. Maintaining contact through the sales process and afterward are key to success.
  • Prior auto sales experience is not required, but maybe a plus.
  • Being bilingual is also not a requirement, but is beneficial.

Additional Expectations:

  • Spend time walking the lot to greet customers and demonstrating vehicles along with moving vehicles when necessary and at any time of the year or in any season.
  • Complete dealer-required paperwork, assisting customers in completing finance applications and any additional paperwork required to finalize a sale or purchase of a vehicle, along with following up and ensuring favorable customer satisfaction.
  • The Mobility Consultant will be assigned a desk where they will work with customers for the purpose of vehicle sales closing, overcoming customer objections and performing other duties. These may include but are not limited to:
    • Checking in new vehicles
    • Stocking in vehicles
    • Fueling vehicles
    • Driving to other dealers for dealer trades
    • Helping to rearrange the lot
    • Clearing snow/ice, ensuring vehicles are presentable
    • Occasionally washing or detailing vehicles for sale or delivery
    • Moving vehicles in and out of the showroom
    • Scheduling deliveries and or repairs
    • Prospecting, by visiting funding and/or referral sources
    • Procuring vehicles for the dealership
    • Scheduling after-sales installations and any other related tasks that are determined by the sales manager
  • Attendance once or twice a year at a manufacturer-sponsored training event for exposure to new makes and models and introduction to new sales techniques.
  • Holding profit margins on sales.
  • We require each of our Mobility Consultants to maintain a valid driver’s license. Suspensions or revocations due to and not limited to impairment may be grounds for discipline, up to and including termination of employment by A&J Vans, Inc.

Typical Schedule:

A&J employs a ‘Customer First’ approach, meaning an employee may need to come in early or stay late or occasionally adjust break-time to accommodate a customer's need. Flexibility and accommodating a customer’s request are critically important to success in this role.

  • Monday – Friday 8:00 am – 5:30 pm, may vary by the need to service customer
  • Saturdays by customer request
  • Sales meetings are held monthly, one-half hour before opening. Attendance is mandatory and all are expected to be prompt and prepared for these meetings.
  • Occasional weekend events, such as presentations, trade shows, events for a cause, etc.


Many of our customers or guests are wheelchair users or have limited mobility which means their ability to come to our facility may be limited. As a result, it is occasionally necessary to make home visits to demonstrate and present the equipment or vehicles. We require Mobility Consultants to independently drive to and from our customer’s home, which can be several hours from our facility.

Physical Demands

The physical demands are representative of those that must be met by an employee to successfully perform the essential functions of their job. Reasonable accommodations may be made to ensure individuals with disabilities are able to perform the essential functions.

  • Lifting up to 50lbs multiple times
  • Standing for long periods of time
  • Consistent kneeling and bending down to the floor
  • Sitting for extended periods of time
  • Driving motor vehicles for multiple hours at a time
  • Performing the above actions in an outdoor environment subjected to weather

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