Get Started With A Driver Evaluation

Whether this is your first time looking for a wheelchair accessible vehicle or mobility equipment or you are just looking to get into something different based on your needs, A&J Mobility can help! There are many options available to make getting your new mobility vehicle or equipment fit your exact needs. Part of the quest towards mobility freedom is all of the stops that you will make on the way as well as all of the decisions that you will need to make, this is why we have created a helpful guide to make sure you are ready for those steps.

Our goal with our driver evaluation is to not only to ensure that you don't miss any stops on the way but that you are prepared when faced with what exactly it is that is going to be best fit your needs when you have to make you decision. Please review the following information to help understand what it is that you are looking for.

1. Who will be driving the wheelchair accessible vehicle@f0

One of the first steps in determining which vehicle is going to be right for you is to decide if you are going to be a driver of the wheelchair accessible vehicle or if you are going to be a passenger or transporter. All vehicles do not work the same, drivers have the choice of driving their vehicle from their wheelchair or transfering from their chair to the drivers seat. For someone that is interested in becoming an adaptive driver should first start by working with a Professional Driver Rehabilitation Specialist.

2. What are the wheelchair user's key dimensions?

The height/weight of the wheelchair user, wheelchair and any other mobility equipment will determine the ability to enter, exit and maneuver within various wheelchair vans. The key dimensions will also help determine what seating positions are available to the wheelchair user. In general, average to small people will have more options that those who are larger or taller. Key dimensions:

  • Height as measured from the floor to the top of the person's head while seated in the wheelchair
  • Width of the wheelchair at its widest point
  • Width of the wheels on the wheelchair
  • Length of the passenger while seated in the wheelchair---including leg extension and/or any equipment mounted on the back of the chair
  • Combined weight of the passenger and the wheelchair

3. How many people will be transported in the van and where will it be stored?

An important factor is determine how many people are going to need to be transported in your van. Another factor is determining where it is going to be stored, as this is going to determine whether you are going to be better suited for a rear or side entry vehicle.

4. What are your needs/wants?

Your budget should be the first consideration when you are in the process of purchasing your new vehicle. What is your maximum budget you would like to spend? What type of a monthly payment are you comfortable with? What will be your funding sources?

There are several different features available on different vans: backup camera, navigation aid, power sliding driver and passenger doors, rear air satellite radio, sunroof, DVD Player, removable seats, as well as many others.

What's Next?

Now that you have answered these preliminary questions, let's get you in touch with one of our mobility experts. From here your mobility expert will be able to help ensure that you find the right wheelchair accessible vehicle or mobility equipment for you. Your mobility expert is also going to be a great resource when learning about different options such as financing when it comes to the point of purchase.