ATC Truck with Gull-Wing Door Open

ATC Reliable Wheelchair Accessible Chevy & GMC Trucks

A&J Mobility is a proud dealer of ATC Conversions. ATC converts both 2wd & 4wd trucks to become wheelchair accessible with the ATC conversion lineup of wheelchair-accessible trucks. Both driver & passenger conversions are available on the Chevy platforms. An ATC truck is one of the few wheelchair-accessible vehicles that allow a wheelchair user to drive a four-wheel drive vehicle.

What are ATC trucks?

With more than 47 years in the business, and an equally long focus on honest, quality products and exceptional customer service, A&J Mobility chose to provide ATC trucks to you in Wisconsin. In short, ATC trucks offer passenger-side and driver-side conversions while maintaining four-wheel-drive capability in the Chevy Silverado. Eye-catching gull-wing doors allow a platform to swing out and lower, allowing the wheelchair user to lock onto the platform. Even if you don't use a wheelchair, the seat can remain, and you can transfer to the seat and still be lifted into the vehicle.

What are the features of ATC trucks?

ATC trucks are feature-rich; best of all, they are not a minivan. You can choose between driver-side or passenger-side conversions. Next, you can lock your wheelchair onto the platform to ride or drive from your wheelchair; we can retain the truck's seat, and you can transfer to a seat. If you choose to transfer and use a wheelchair, we can install a hoist-style lift in the back of the truck to allow you to bring your wheelchair/scooter into the truck's bed. We even offer heavy-duty versions that can lift mobility devices to 450 lbs. If you are a driver, we have over 75 different hand controls and nearly unlimited combinations of those hand controls that will allow A&J Mobility to adapt the truck to meet your specific needs. ATC trucks can maintain four-wheel drive capability, which is uncommon for wheelchair-accessible vehicles. Finally, you have A&J Mobility's expert technicians for preventative maintenance and service to keep your vehicle running for a long time.

Why are ATC trucks the best choice for wheelchair users?

ATC conversions on the Chevy Silverado are the best choice for wheelchair users because they are crash tested and are produced by a company with a history of producing reliable vehicles for years. Wisconsin has some brutal winters, so if you want to maintain that 4WD, there is no better choice.

What are the different types of ATC trucks?

A&J Mobility has chosen to work with the Chevy Silverado ATC conversion. The Chevy Silverado is crash tested and adaptable to either a driver or passenger-side conversion.

Will my wheelchair fit in an ATC truck?

When you work with A&J Mobility, you'll work with a mobility consultant who will guide you through every process step. Finding your fit is essential because if the vehicle doesn't fit you, it is not the right vehicle. The mobility consultant will ensure your wheelchair, and you fit well in the truck before moving forward. The optimal way to find out is to try it out. Schedule an appointment at 888-775-7750 or use the form on this page to schedule.

Inside the cab of an ATC truck.

How does your ATC vehicle improve everyday life?

An ATC truck gives you the daily freedom you deserve to go where you want to go. It comes in various configurations to fit your daily needs. 4WD helps with those brutal Wisconsin winters and allows you to get where you need to go, regardless of the weather. Even though the truck is converted, it still acts like any other Silverado. From the outside, it looks like any other Silverado. Shopping, travel, errands and visits to family and friends are all a breeze with this convenient and easy-to-use vehicle.

How to get the most out of your ATC truck?

Taking care of your ATC truck is a breeze. Visit A&J Mobility every six months for a mobility safety inspection. Our expert technicians will clean, lubricate, tighten and adjust the mobility equipment you have installed. This service is not just the lift but also any hand controls or hoist-style lifts in the truck's bed. Plus, any other mobility equipment is installed. If you want ultra-convenience, go with the full vehicle inspection. We include oil and filter changes, tire rotation, wheel balancing, brake inspection, front end inspection and computer health report, and mobility safety inspection.

Wheelchair Accessible Trucks vs Wheelchair Accessible Vans

Wheelchair-accessible trucks and wheelchair-accessible vans have advantages and fit different people. Not every wheelchair will fit in an ATC truck; our expert mobility consultants will work with you to ensure a truck will fit your needs. Wheelchair-accessible vans will fit nearly any wheelchair. ATC trucks can maintain 4WD, whereas wheelchair vans cannot. Trucks also offer more cargo space than vans, but vans can hold more passengers. Neither is better, but one may be better for you. We'll help you find out which is best suited for your life and your dreams.

How do I buy an ATC truck?

The best way to purchase an ATC truck is to call us at 888-775-7750 or to use the form on this page and contact us. We'll get you a close and convenient mobility consultant that can work with you to get the right ATC truck to fit your lifestyle. Financing is available to those who qualify; talk with one of our mobility consultants at 888-775-7750 for details.

Do you have ATC trucks available in your showrooms?

We have five convenient locations in Wisconsin but only a limited number of ATC trucks because they move fast. We have them in our showrooms, but during high-demand times, we don't have them in every showroom. We are an over 47-year family-owned company that works as a team, so if there is a truck at another location that you are ready to see, we can move vehicles around for you. Our mobility consultants will do their best to make sure you find the ATC truck that fits you and your lifestyle.

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