Where do I start when buying a wheelchair van for sale?

The process of buying a wheelchair van can seem overwhelming; there are so many options and choices to make; but an accessible van is not like buying any other car, van, SUV, or truck. You are buying a solution that works for you and your lifestyle that happens to be in a van. The most comfortable and most straightforward place to start is to give us a call at 888-775-7750, and we can have an expert mobility consultant take you through every step of the way. We'll start by evaluating your needs and what you want to get out of automotive mobility. Then we'll find a solution that is as comfortable as it is useful for your needs. You can come to one of our five convenient Wisconsin locations, or we can bring a single-vehicle out to you. We also understand these are unprecedented times, so we are also offering virtual visits as well at this time. Whatever your needs, we have a solution and a mobility consultant that will be there for you.

I want to drive from my wheelchair, is that possible?

In many cases, yes, it is. In addition to wheelchair vans, we offer a wide variety of hand controls and solutions that allow you to drive from your wheelchair or transfer to the driver's seat with one of our transfer seats. Our team will work to find the right vehicle for you with the right adaptations to allow you to get the most out of your wheelchair van. We offer mechanical solutions up to and including EMC, electronic mobility controls. We will guide you through the entire path to get the most out of your wheelchair accessible vehicle. Below is a demonstration video of how electronic mobility controls work, EMC, but we offer many other types of controls and options for operating your vehicle.

I'm a taller person, will I fit?

We offer multiple options in a handicap van to be able to support people of all sizes. It's not as much a factor of a person's overall height, but the person's height while in the chair. Some shorter people may sit higher, depending on the type of wheelchair they have. How will you know what feels the most comfortable for you? Schedule at an appointment at 888-775-7750 with a mobility consultant and come to one of our five Wisconsin locations. We have multiple sizes and versions of disability vans to see what fits you and your needs.

I need financing, can you help?

A simple answer is yes. We have financing options for those who qualify, and we will guide you through the financial aspects. Financing can be difficult, but that is why we are here to help you. A&J Mobility worries about more than just finding the right solution, but we worry about you obtaining that solution clearly and concisely.

I bought the van, now what? What support do I have now?

Great! A&J Mobility offers support for the life of your vehicle. We recommend you come in every six months for an inspection of the mobility equipment in addition to regular maintenance of the vehicle itself. We offer competitive service rates, and our expert technicians are on the top of their game. We also have friendly staff and comfortable waiting areas. Have questions or need something else, just let us know.