Richfield Renovation Complete - August 26, 2020

The renovation of our #Richfield showroom is now complete. Thank you for your patience during the renovation process. We have a variety of vehicles that you can view in the comfort of our new showroom & an expanded waiting area.

Update August 19, 2020

Floors, doors and walls are getting further completed in our renovation project of Richfield. Some furniture was installed, and there was work done on the outside as well.

Update - August 12, 2020

Floors are getting finished, the carpet is getting rolled out, & functional spaces are coming together. When everything is finished, we will have a showroom space to show you a variety of wheelchair accessible vehicles.

Update - August 5, 2020

Paint, floors and more are nearing completion. Our Richfield renovation is looking beautiful, and we can't wait to show it off.

Update - July 29, 2020

Let there be light! Lighting is being put in, paint is being put on, and our renovation is looking great! There is still a lot to do, and we appreciate your patience with our renovation.

Update - July 22, 2020

A quick update this week. We are seeing big changes with the walls coming together, plus sometimes stilts can be a big help during the renovation.

Update - July 15, 2020

Everything is coming along nicely & many improvements have been made. We love how much progress has been made over the past week. Everyday we get a little more excited.

Update - July 8, 2020

We wanted to say thank you to everyone for understanding as we pull this renovation together. An improved showroom and waiting area are just some of the benefits coming your way.

Update - July 1, 2020

Another update on the renovation of our Richfield location. Everything is coming along nicely, but please excuse any inconvenience during construction. We offer pickup and delivery for service appointments to help make things easier. We will keep you up to date on our progress.

Update - June 24, 2020

We are upgrading our Richfield location! Please excuse us during construction. We'll have more updates as time goes on, but one significant change will be an enhanced showroom! We are excited! Remember, we have pickup and delivery for service appointments to help during this time.