Veigel Compact II

The second offering in the line of Veigel right-hand controls is the Compact II.  The Compact II provides a slim design to fit better in today's newer, more compact vehicles. The unique push-pull motion prevents simultaneous use of the gas and brake, making it a safe choice for older drivers. The second pivot point for acceleration allows for more range of seat positioning when compared to traditional right-hand push-pull hand controls.

Product details

Proven technology and sleek and elegant design are how the Compact II hand control is made. The function is simple: to accelerate, pull the ergonomically shaped handle backward, and a slight push in the forward direction operates the brake. The mechanical brake lock can be easily engaged by pushing a button. The handle is shaped so that the hand can rest on it while driving. This means relaxed and effortless driving, even on long distances. The hand control can be folded out of the way when not in use.


Would you be able to ship hand controls?

Hand controls cannot be shipped. A&J Mobility offers five convenient locations in Wisconsin for expert professional installation. Our technicians have undergone special training to safely and effectively install hand controls. To install hand controls, the vehicle's driver and the vehicle must come to one of our five Wisconsin locations.