MPD Push Pull Quad Floor Mount

The MPD Push Pull Quad hand control is a great alternative to expensive high-tech driving systems. Due to the separate motion for the accelerator and brake functions, it is a safer choice for persons with cognitive disabilities that may become confused in emergency situations. Great choice of older drivers as well.


The 3700 Push Pull is an original design for the floor mounted push pull control and is designed for use in full size Chevrolet, Dodge, Ford, GMC vans as well as lowered floor Chrylser, Honda and Toyota minivans that are equipped with power steering, power brakes, and automatic transmission. This design is best suited as a low cost alternative to a high technology driving system for drivers with quadriplegia. This control utilizes a push-pull motion with positive mechanical connections between the driver and vehicle. It is designed for many adjustments, both in stroke and effort, vertical height and horizontal position. The 3700 hand control can be mounted for left or right hand use.

Turn Signal Switches

The 3700 Push Pull control comes standard with turnsignal switches integrated into the tri pin handle.  Simply rock the tri pin to the right or left to activate the turn signals.