BraunAbility Chevrolet Traverse Accessible SUV

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If you have been waiting for a wheelchair-accessible SUV, the wait is over. This sleek Accessible SUV is in limited quantity, so call us at 888-775-7750 to schedule an appointment. This is only in some areas, so act fast. You do not need to sacrifice comfort, and the Chevrolet Travers Accessible SUV offers a roomy interior. This vehicle offers a wide doorway and ramp, room for three passengers in the 3rd row, and driver-side fuel fill.

The BraunAbility Chevrolet Traverse is the most spacious powered ramp-accessible SUV in the industry! Whether you are a wheelchair passenger or driver, this is the best SUV on the market.

Take a Tour of the Chevy Traverse Accessible SUV

The ramp has over 30 inches of ramp width with a large amount of internal space, allowing even larger wheelchairs to make full turns inside this accessible SUV. It features an infloor ramp with an infloor light and interior lighting for safety when entering and entering the Traverse at night. The ramp has 1,000 lbs of capacity, allowing it to support large electric wheelchairs with ease; as of this writing, it is the strongest on the market. The wheelchair ramp also has a slotted design, allowing debris to fall through the slots keeping the ramp cleaner and safer. The slotted design is crucial in Wisconsin due to some of our harsh winters with sleet and snowfall. It also features a backup system for the ramp and the kneeler in the rare case you encounter any issues. The ramp also has a handle allowing the wheelchair ramp to be stowed manually if electrical problems occur. There are multiple buttons near the door and ramp for the door and ramp's operation, two sets in the front of the vehicle, and the key fob.

BraunAbility modified the Chevy Traverse door to make it a power sliding door to make it much easier and more convenient to enter this SUV. With the touch of a button, the door will open, and the infloor ramp will extend, keeping with BraunAbility's simple operation history. The Traverse features a kneeling system, just like many accessible minivans, to lower the entry angle; this makes entering and exiting the Traverse much easier due to the ramp's lower angle.

The running boards are not metal, so there are no worries of the running boards rusting, and the running boards make entering and exiting easier for ambulatory passengers or drivers.

The driver and passenger seats are both removable. If the driver seat is removed, it can accommodate a wheelchair and hand controls. It uses an easy pedal system to be able to remove and replace the seats. "This, I would say, is the easiest out of everything," said Certified Mobility Consultant Greg Heinen.

The rear seats have a folding footrest that folds out from underneath the seat. The folding footrest is excellent for young children or even adults looking for a little more support.

Technology runs through the Traverse. It has convenient USB ports allowing passengers to charge their phones, tablets, or other devices. Built-in USB ports are especially useful for extended trips or getting work done.

The shifter is located in the center of the vehicle's front, where the console is usually. The shifter can move from side to side to accommodate nearly any size wheelchair. The Travers' side door was also modified to allow the driver to be better centered on the steering wheel for additional safety.

The rear seats fold down to allow for more storage space in the rear of the vehicle. The Chevy Traverse accessible SUV is a technology-packed, easy to use, comfortable crossover mobility vehicle.


BraunAbility Engineering Excellence

  • Fully powered door and ramp
  • 1,000 lb. heavy-duty power in-floor ramp capacity
  • Wide ramp and doorway accommodates large power chairs
  • Removable front seats
  • In-floor ramp maximizes cabin space
  • Sliding shifter
  • Lighted ramp for improved night navigation
  • Optional towing package

Features of the Chevrolet Traverse Accessible SUV

  • Ample storage space
  • Leather, heated power front seats
  • Hidden console
  • Power tailgate
  • Remote start
  • TriZone Climate Control
  • Navigation


Door opening usable width 30.5"
Door opening usable height (at the middle of the door) 54.5"
Interior height at the center of the vehicle 59"
Interior height at the driver and passenger position 58"
Ramp Length 52"
Ramp width (suable clear opening) 30.25"
Ramp angle (with vehicle kneeled)*
Interior floor-length (behind front seat strikers) 57"
Overall interior floor-length (flat area) 90.25"
Interior width at passenger doors (closed-open) 61.5"-64.25
Interior width at B-pillars 57"
Ramp capacity 1,000 lbs

Please schedule a consultation with one of our certified mobility consultants to learn more about the BraunAbility Chevy Traverse accessible SUV.

BraunAbility Chevy Traverse Wheelchair Accessible SUV

*Ramp angle subject to 1.5-degree variance based on chassis trim level and other environmental factors measures with 250 lb approximated wheelchair passenger load at the center of the ramp