Make sure to do monthly checks (and run that air conditioner).

It is critical to do monthly checks all year round, but it is especially important during the winter. Having a bus stranded due to overlooking a problem can cost your business money and reputation. Running those monthly checks is a great way to get ahead of problems and ensure everything is running properly. Taking an extra look at heating and defrost mechanisms is a good idea to prevent a surprise to your drivers. Remember also to run the air conditioner during the winter as well. The air conditioner on many buses is a self-contained system, so to keep fluids from settling, it is a good idea to run the air conditioner during those monthly checks.

Fuel up.

Letting the fuel go too low for too long can cause condensation and then freeze on critical parts. Keeping tanks above half, ideally above three-quarters, will reduce the chance of something like this happening. Plus, keeping a high fuel level will help in the case of an emergency.

Keep your lift clean.

You'll often be deploying your lift into the snow or slush, and some of that can get returned into the bus. Having your driver check the lift throughout the shift and removing obvious debris is a good start, but a more detailed check at the end of the shift is a good idea too. Remember, if you ever have to use the lift's emergence functions, bring it in for service. A&J Commercial has five convenient locations in Wisconsin for maintenance and service for your bus.

Stay stocked.

Emergence supplies and PPE, personal protective equipment, should be stocked up to ensure no surprises on the road. This is always a good idea, but especially in the winter, due to the longer times it may take for an emergency resupply.

Keep your drivers happy.

Driving during the winter can take a lot of concentration and a lot out of people. Doing something extra for your drivers can improve morale, plus a happy driver can be a more attentive driver. Simple things like extra encouragement for a job well done can go a long way. Remember giving praise that is not warranted does not have a positive effect, but noticing a driver going the extra mile and recognizing it does. Another common way to be able to make any employee happy is, well, food. It is a classic way to show appreciation, and it works.

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