Side-Entry Wheelchair Van

Safe, reliable, and trusted non-emergency medical transportation, NEMT, is a growing need for nearly every community around the nation. People often have transport needs that cannot be met by family, friends, public transportation, or even an accessible vehicle company. NEMTs solve this problem with customized features that allow them to handle a person's non-emergency needs. Your business is unique. So are your clients; whether you are starting a new non-emergency medical transport business or making your current business grow, A&J Commercial can customize a NEMT for you. Over 200-floorplans can meet almost any need, and with additional customization, nearly anything is possible. Adding a customized NEMT, or several, to your business or fleet can make all the difference.

What is NEMT?

NEMT stands for non-emergency medical transportation. NEMT is used to transfer riders to and from medical appointments or facilities when they do not have immediate or severe symptoms. Emergency services are used when there is a severe risk without immediate treatment. One of the most common types of NEMTs is the paratransit, a full-size van customized for the business's NEMT needs, but NEMTs can also be wheelchair vans, NEMT customized minivans, or NEMT buses. While the paratransit is the most popular, it is more about the vehicle's purpose than the type of vehicle. Not sure what type of vehicle you need? Call us at 888-775-7750, and we'll help you decide.

The needs of your business come first.

Rear-Entry NEMT Van

You, your business, and your customers are all unique, so, instead of starting with deciding between a rear-entry NEMT or a side-entry NEMT, we start with listening to your needs. Next, using multiple body styles and over 200-floor plans followed by customizations for you, we can offer a solution that meets your needs.

A Quick Look

Side-Entry Wheelchair Van with 3 Ambulatory Seats and 1 Wheelchair Position

What's next?

The US population is aging with a desire for a higher quality of life, and healthcare demand is growing. The need for trusted non-emergency medical transportation is there. There is a significant opportunity for you to provide it. Starting or growing your business is exciting. Providing a service people need with a safe and reliable NEMT is priceless. The next step is to give us a call at (888) 775-7750 to talk to one of our commercial account managers. A form is available on this page, and we'll help with the next steps.


Do only non-emergency medical transportation companies use NEMT vans?

Businesses and organizations other than dedicated non-emergency medical transportation companies often employ these vehicles. Assisted-living facilities, senior living, nursing homes, adult daycare centers, group homes, facilities for the developmentally disabled, and hospitals often employ non-emergency medical vehicles to meet their customers' and residents' needs.

I've purchased a customized NEMT, where do I go for service?

We have five locations in Wisconsin to provide you with service for the life of your vehicle. Our factory-trained, certified and expert technicians can help keep your NEMT van up and running for the life of the vehicle, especially with customizations.

Are NEMTs and ambulettes the same thing?

Most would say yes, NEMTs and ambulettes are specialized vehicles that A&J Commercial can customize for your business. Instead of attaching an exact label, focus on the needs of your business. Our commercial account managers are here to support every stage of making sure you get the right non-emergency vehicle for you.

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