The all-new Ford Transit is now available in a wheelchair accessible package from A&J Commercial. You no longer need to have raised doors, and a raised roof as these vehicles meet full ADA compliance through the doorway right from the factory. Choose from side or rear entry options. We can install the lift of your choice in this great looking, great driving and excellent on gas all-new wheelchair accessible ADA compliant van.

Designed at A&J facilities, the A&J Para-Transit conversion offers a choice of side entry and rear entry. Our Ford Transit wheelchair vans have pull-tested seating for maximum safety. Over 87-floor plans are available for accessibility, and we also do configurations for passenger vans. The Ford Transit offers excellent fuel economy with its 3.7L V6 Engine. We do conversions on both the 150 and 350 Ford Transit models.

The A&J Para-Transit can fit many commercial applications. A&J Commercial offers a combination of ambulatory and wheelchair positions, with a Shift-N-Step option to allow the lift to move out of the way for those ambulatory passengers. The Shift N Step is the first-ever state-of-the-art ADA compliant vehicle system to allow total access for all. Revolutionizing the public transit and bus market, Shift N Step creates a truly "Cross-Over" vehicle allowing curbside service for everyone, anytime, anywhere. One door with one system will now let both wheelchair and ambulatory function in today's highly desirable van segment.

We are steadfast in providing the best quality, and it drives ongoing improvements across all functions while delivering high-quality vehicles that our customers want and value.

Ford Transit and Shift-N-Step Tour

Take a tour of our Ford Transit and a Ford Transit with our Shift-N-Step option that allows for ambulatory passengers and wheelchair users the ability to enter the vehicle curbside.

See how the Ford Transit rides in this time-lapse.