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Keep Your Bus Running in the Winter

Make Sure to Do Monthly Checks/Inspections (and Run that Air Conditioner) It critical to do monthly checks all year round, but it is essential during the winter. Having a bus stranded due to overlooking a problem can cost your business money and reputation. Running those monthly checks is a great way to...

What is a Shuttle Bus?

A shuttle bus is any bus that makes trips between two, sometimes more, locations... as it "shuttles" passengers around. For example, a shuttle bus could take people to and from an airport and hotel, or a shuttle bus could make several stops on a large college campus moving students from place to place. Shuttle b...

Is NEMT a Profitable Business

Non-emergency medical transport, NEMT, is focused on helping people get to and f...rom hospitals, nursing facilities, general medical appointments, pharmacies, rehabs, physical therapy, dialysis and more. The increasing demand for medical care and people living longer make NEMT services more critical than ever....