A shuttle bus is any bus that makes trips between two, sometimes more, locations as it "shuttles" passengers around. For example, a shuttle bus could take people to and from an airport and hotel, or a shuttle bus could make several stops on a large college campus, moving students from place to place. Shuttle buses are sometimes referred to as mini buses because many shuttle buses are between 8 and 14 passengers; however, size does not determine a shuttle bus. At some outdoor sporting events, shuttle buses can be quite large.

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What Make a Shuttle Bus From A&J Commercial Different?

A&J Commercial builds shuttle buses customized to match your business. Other companies sell shuttles that are one size fits all, not A&J Commercial; we make sure shuttle buses you buy from us match your business's needs. We also offer free business needs and fleet evaluations. Our commercial account managers will work with you to find the perfect shuttle bus for your business and then customize it to your needs. Finally, we will help service your shuttle bus through the life of the vehicle. A&J Commercial offers a 360 degree level of service.

Personal Account Manager

A&J Commercial is a family-owned company. We believe in personal service and making sure you know who you are talking to. That is why we connect you with a personal account manager. If you have a question, call, wondering if you should upgrade, call, and in the rare event you have a problem, call. We will be there for you.

What Are the Most Popular Types of Shuttle Buses?

There are many types of shuttle buses, and they can sometimes come in a variety of names. Some call them minibuses, shuttles, or even small buses. Despite the name used, a shuttle bus is a critical tool for many businesses. Quick, efficient transportation between locations can make a big difference in business.

Airport Shuttle Bus

The airport shuttle bus is one of the most popular types of shuttle buses. The most common is a 14-Passenger, plus driver, a minibus that includes additional space to carry luggage. Some airport shuttles need additional features that A&J Commercial can provide, such as entertainment, exterior information panels, and PPE equipment. As with all our shuttles, we offer wheelchair accessible as well as passenger shuttle buses.

Hotel Shuttle

Like the airport shuttle bus, a hotel shuttle bus has similarities but can significantly differ. Depending on the type of hotel, there can be varying levels of utility and luxury. Some hotel shuttle buses are built to rapidly take people to and from attractions, such as theme parks or sports arenas. Some shuttle buses are built to add amenities and offer a luxurious trip to a convention center or fine dining downtown. At A&J Commercial, we can build both, but we can also build anything in between. If you need a custom combination between utility and luxury, just ask; that is what we are here for. There is a wide variety of customization options available on hotel shuttle buses, so call our experts at 888-775-7750 to find out the options we have for you. As with all our shuttles, we offer wheelchair accessible as well as passenger shuttle buses.

Event/Park Shuttle

Many extensive event grounds, theme parks, and other businesses with a lot of ground to cover can benefit from a shuttle bus. We offer both passenger and wheelchair-accessible shuttles, but having an inclusive shuttle that can accommodate people with all abilities is essential for any event and park grounds. One of the difficulties is that you may not always know how many wheelchair positions or ambulatory positions you need on any given trip. The problem is solved with the double foldaway seat. These seats allow a seat that fits two to fold up or down, offering two ambulatory seats or one wheelchair position. The flexibility allows the driver to modify the seating on their shuttle bus on the fly. This allows for maximum inclusivity while maintaining maximum efficiency. As with all our shuttles, you can customize this type of shuttle with audio, video, and even luxury modifications as well. We are here for your business.

Campus Shuttle

Complying with ADA requirements and offering inclusive transportation is a requirement for most campuses. A&J Commercial can outfit your campus with an ADA compliant shuttle bus to make sure your students of all abilities can get around campus with ease. The abilities of your passengers can vary from trip to trip. The double foldaway seat is extremely useful in this situation. The driver can shift the number of wheelchair positions and ambulatory seats on the fly. Efficiency and inclusivity meet. Univerisity branding is always important; in addition to the mechanical customizations we can offer can also offer wraps and interior custom branding to make the shuttle truly show off your campus brand.

Employee and Corporate

If your company makes many trips to the airport, has multiple locations, or even has a vast campus, a customized employee/corporate shuttle can be the perfect solution. If you need to maximize passenger capacity or be ADA compliant, we can get you an employee/corporate shuttle bus that can match your needs. Employee/corporate shuttle buses can be outfitted with luggage for airport trips or entertainment if there are long trips between locations. Your needs are our challenge, and we are up for it.

Can I Customize My Shuttle Bus?

The answer is simple, at A&J Commercial, you can customize your shuttle bus to meet your business's needs. Your business is unique, and the needs of your business are unique. Our expert commercial account managers, can find the options to make the shuttle bus uniquely yours.

Can I Add Personal Protective Equipment, PPE, to My Bus?

The short answer is, of course. A&J Commercial specializes in customization and safety. We offer a driver barrier package, social distance seat bands, passenger guards, and even grab rail covers. We can modify your vehicle to provide the best protection for your passengers and your driver.

Personal Protective Equipment - PPE

What Luggage Options Do You Have?

We are experts in customization so that we can customize your luggage options for you. In general, we work with expanded rear luggage, overhead luggage, or dedicated luggage sections where seats usually are. Some businesses need more luggage space than others, so we can eliminate some seating space to leave room for the increasingly large amount of luggage some people bring with them. If these options don't fit your business, that is OK. We can customize a luggage option to fit your business's specific needs. If you don't know what solution fits your needs, don't worry. During our needs analysis, we will find the right solution that fits your luggage needs.

Can I Add Audio/Video for Information or Entertainment?

Some shuttle buses have long durations between stops, so entertainment is a great way to provide a better passenger experience. A&J Commercial can deliver high-quality sound systems to fill your bus with music. We can add single or multiple screens to make sure everyone can see. The buses can use the sound system and screens for information instead of or in addition to entertainment. Let us know what you need, and we'll work out a solution to best match your company's and passengers' needs.

Custom Wraps and Branding

We can outfit all our shuttle buses with custom wraps and even interior branding. Use your colors, logos, phone number, and graphics to make the shuttle bus purely your own.

Where Do I Get My Shuttle Bus Serviced

Service for your bus is another part that sets A&J Commercial apart. We hire the best technicians who keep current to stay the best. We provide maintenance, mechanical, and mobility work on your bus to ensure it stays profitable for your business. If your shuttle bus is damaged or it is in an accident, A&J Commercial has a full body shop and paint shop that can restore your shuttle bus to be the best it can be.

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We know you are busy, that is why we can come to your business to demo the vehicle of your choice. We are here for you. We don't do "cookie-cutter" demonstrations. Each demonstration is customized for your business and your needs. Give us a call at 888-775-7750, and one of our expert commercial account managers will be happy to talk with you. If you don't have time to call right now, fill out the form on the page, and we'll give you a callback. Demonstrations customized for you, shuttle buses customized for you.