Protections for Your Drivers and Passengers

Driver Barrier Package

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Offer your drivers and passengers enhanced protection for your current or new transit/paratransit. Keep your drivers healthy and instill extra confidence in your passenger that your company is doing what it can to keep everyone safe.

Driver Barrier Package Driver Barrier Package Driver Barrier Package Driver Barrier Package


  • Stainless Steel Construction w/ Optional Powder Coat Finish
  • PolyCarbonate FMVSS 205 Compliant Clear Acrylic Upper Panel with Non-Glare Finish
  • Foam Padded Lower Panel encased in FMVSS 302 Compliant Commercial Grade Moisture Resistant Polyurea Coating
  • Will Not Trap or Restrict Drivers Airflow
  • Will Not Impair Drivers Ability to Hear or Restrict Emergency Access

Call (888) 775-7750 for pricing and to schedule installation.

Social Distance Seat Bands

Social Distance Seat Bands

Keep social distancing in your full-size vans, full-size wheelchair vans, paratransit, shuttles, shuttle buses, buses, and wheelchair buses with these social distance seat bands. The social distance seat bands can block a seat vertically or wrap horizontally to remind passengers about social distancing.

Passenger Guards

Passenger Guards - PPE

The passenger guards differ from the driver barrier package above. Passenger guards are either stationary guards between sets of seats or guards that can be locked in place or rotated downward as needed. Ideally, install these in passenger buses, wheelchair buses, or shuttle buses.

Grab Rail Covers

These covers are made from Dimensions Nanocide vinyl and have silver embedded in them (silver is a naturally antimicrobial material). Using these in your shuttle, shuttle bus, passenger bus, or wheelchair bus can add a layer of protection for your passengers.