Wheelchair tie downs are essential to providing safe transportation while riding in a motor vehicle. Understandably, with so many options out there, it may get confusing when determining what is the ideal fit for you. Fortunately, at A&J Commercial, we take the guesswork out of the equation. Our staff of certified mobility consultants is fully-trained in the various types and applications of wheelchair tie-down and securement devices, and our mobility experts will happily assist you in finding an ideal solution based on your individual needs. 

Leading the pack in wheelchair securement, Q'Straint initially introduced a fully integrated 4-point wheelchair passenger securement system, and has been the industry standard over the last 25 years. Comprehensively designed and engineered, the Q’Straint system isolates the forward forces of a wheelchair occupant during a sudden stop or accident by directing the forces involved to the vehicle’s flooring.

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An All-New Design from the Floor Up More robust than any previous r...etractor, QRT-360 utilizes innovative energy management designs and material technologies to deliver the system’s full strength for maximum load capacity. QRT-360 retractors achieve a surrogate&...

QRT Retractable Tiedowns

The Securement System That Changed Everything The original 4-point wheelchair... securement system, QRT-1 Series retractors defined the way passenger safety devices are designed and tested. With a range of 3 different options to fit every need and every budget, the QRT-1 Series of retractors offer easy to us...

QStraint M-Series

LOW COST, HIGH SECUREMENT The M-Series is an economical manual securement sys...tem to help meet minimum specifications and cost-conscious budgets without sacrificing safety. MANUAL TENSIONING Cam (front) & over-center (rear) buckle designs are easy to use and ensure maximum passenger safety. UNI...

QER QStraint Electrical Retractor

ELECTRICAL LOCKING RETRACTOR The QER (Q’STRAINT Electrical Retractor) i...s the world’s first 4M Front Electrical Locking Retractor. Electric retractors are controlled directly through the vehicle’s electrical system and can be used as front tie downs where there is limited space for an oper...