An All-New Design from the Floor Up

More robust than any previous retractor, QRT-360 utilizes innovative energy management designs and material technologies to deliver the system’s full strength for maximum load capacity. QRT-360 retractors achieve a surrogate wheelchair rating that meets the requirements of WC18 with an energy-absorbing steel frame, new high strength 58mm webbing with fine-adjust self-tensioning and 25 high-strength teeth. A re-engineered Positive Locking Interface contributes to the system’s ability to secure hefty loads. WC18/WC19 standards are significant; safety is essential. We have witnessed more and more contracts and bids asking for these specific specifications as a standard requirement.

Compatible with Most Vehicles and Chairs

Like other Q’STRAINT systems, the QRT-360 is compatible with the widest variety of wheelchairs and scooters. Most power wheelchairs come with D-rings for easy attachment, and the hook design has always been compatible with nearly all manual wheelchairs.

A More Secure Connection, Every Time

With Q’STRAINT J-hook attachments, operators can achieve a secure attachment on virtually any wheelchair. An updated Positive Lock Indicator provides the operator with clear and confident visual confirmation that the retractor is locked and the vehicle is ready to go. Our patented design eliminates guesswork when passenger safety is involved.

Automatic Tightening Increases Safety

Q’STRAINT’s industry-leading self-tensioning system automatically tightens the straps to eliminate any slack created by small wheelchair movements. The belts continue to tighten during low-g vehicle movements, which reduce the potential for dangerous excursions in the event of a collision. This function can also aid caretakers and drivers that they have correctly secured their passengers.

Automatic Release Makes it Easy to Use

The compact and ergonomically designed knob simplifies securement. Thanks to Q’STRAINT auto-release, operators and attendants can pull and secure the wheelchair hook in one step without having to press a release button.

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