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Diamond Coach Bus

Diamond Coach has fabricated rust-free, impact-resistant buses that provide exceptional resale value since 1989. Diamond buses offer a quiet, smooth ride and seat 16-28 passengers. These bus solutions are perfect for sports clubs, churches, healthcare, assisted living facilities, hotels, tour operators, transit, and parking authorities. 

Innovative Design and Structure

Due to its composite construction, Diamond buses do not rust and are impact-resistant. We encourage you to experiment yourself using a cross-section piece from a Diamond bus, one from a metal competitor and a mallet. 

Diamond buses have superior insulation properties making them extremely efficient in controlling the temperature and more comfortable passengers. 

You’ll never have to worry about repainting a Diamond Coach bus with its durable gel coat exterior finish. Your brand won’t go unnoticed with Diamond’s three seams add to the exterior construction process. There are no waves on the exterior, and your graphics will be crisp and clear. 

Diamond Coach Buses ensure a smooth, quiet ride every time and provide superior sound dampening. Diamond Coach sidewalls are never taped, glued, or filled with styrofoam. 

The Diamond difference has grown a loyal customer following by consistently delivering on customer expectations.

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Diamond Transit Nugget

Transit Nugget The Transit Nugget provides an ideal solution as an assisted l...iving, medical transport, or church bus. The Transit Nugget can accommodate up to 14 passengers and can easily have a wheelchair lift added.  Standard equipment includes: Fabric ceiling panels Rosco mirrors A rai...

Diamond VIP 2000

The VIP 2000 VIP 2000 provides an ideal solution for assisted living faciliti...es, medical transport companies, or churches. This model is popular with hotels and parking authorities as well.  Using the optional wheel chair lift passengers are safely loaded. The VIP 2000 is a premium bus offerin...

Diamond VIP 2200

Diamond VIP 2200 The VIP 2200 is an ideal solution for an activity, tour, or ...paratransit bus.          The VIP 2200 can accommodate up to 21 passengers and offers optional equipment of many of the luxury options of larger “coach” buses.  All models can be option...

Diamond VIP 2500

Diamond Buses provide stellar cost-savings and resale value. Our ...design answers the two most significant issues with reselling a bus: the cost of repairs, and the look, or quality of the used bus. First, Diamond buses do not fade and do not need repainting. You can restore the original ...

Diamond VIP 2800

VIP 2800, up to 29 passengers Did you know the VIP 2800 has a ½”... more knee and hip room than comparable models? While comfort is one thing, viewing the scenery is just as crucial for tour operators.  That’s why each seat location has its widow. For speaking tours, VIP models p...

Diamond VIP 3500

The Diamond VIP 3500 is the largest composite bus built in North America. It pro...vides several unique benefits for tour operators, schools, and church groups.   The VIP 3500 offers the largest passenger capacity by carrying up to 36 passengers, including a co-pilot. The Diamond VIP 3500 offers many ...