Diamond VIP 2200

The VIP 2200 is an ideal solution for an activity, tour, or paratransit bus.         

The VIP 2200 can accommodate up to 21 passengers and offers optional equipment of many of the luxury options of larger “coach” buses.  All models can be optioned with a wheelchair lift to meet ADA requirements.   

What makes Diamond uniquely different?  Our buses are impact resistant.   

Try this experiment.  Obtain a cross-section piece of a Diamond bus, and one from a competitor bus who's chassis is predominantly metal.  Place each cross-section on the ground.  Next, hit both pieces with the same amount of force using a mallet.  Which cross-section does the dent appear?

Standard equipment includes:

  • Fabric ceiling panels
  • Rosco mirrors
  • ABS light bars
  • Fiberglass step well
  • Roof hatch
  • Black anodized aluminum finish entry door
  • 3/4 inch exterior grade plywood floor
  • Blade-type fuses

To customize your floor plan and for a complete list of standard equipment and current options, contact your Mobility Consultant.

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