Diamond Buses provide stellar cost-savings and resale value. Our design answers the two most significant issues with reselling a bus: the cost of repairs, and the look, or quality of the used bus.

First, Diamond buses do not fade and do not need repainting. You can restore the original finish by simply hand-washing and applying a light buff job to the exterior. In contrast, metal buses require re-painting to cover fading and rust at the time of resale.

Second, Diamond buses resist dings, scrapes, bumps, and scratches better than metal due to the gel coat exterior. As a result, Diamond buses look newer at resale than their counterparts.

ADA Compliant Wheelchair Lift

One of the primary features of the Diamond VIP 2500 ADA compliant wheelchair accessible mobility bus is the wheelchair lift. A&J Commercial's Travis Pfile offers tips on how to use and operate the lift. He also shows how to avoid one of the most common pitfalls in using the lift. Travis will take you through a demonstration of every step of its operation.

Wheelchair Lift Backup System

The Diamond VIP 2500 handicap accessible bus features a backup system for the lift in the rare chance the wheelchair lift does not perform as expected. Travis shows how to operate the backup system and stresses that if the lift should ever experience issues bring it in for service immediately. A&J Commercial has five convenient locations in Wisconsin for service.

Double Foldaway Seats

Double foldaway seats provide extra flexibility to quickly shift the number of wheelchair positions and seats for ambulatory passengers. A&J Commercial manager Travis Pfile demonstrates how the seats are easily unfolded and folded back.

Driver Features and Options

  • Power heated mirrors to combat cold winters.

  • Vehicle lighting system including aisle lighting for safety.

  • Driver position adjustments and controls.

  • Environmental controls.

  • Primary and rear air conditioning controls.

  • Primary and auxiliary heating system.

  • Backup camera and alarm for added safety.

Q'Straint Retractors

Q'Straint retractors offer an easy way to secure a wheelchair in a safe position. This is demonstrated on a Diamond VIP 2500 wheelchair accessible bus, but these work on a variety of buses, transits, and minivans. Our A&J Commercial manager Travis Pfile demonstrates how to use them.

Seat Belts

A&J Commercial manager Travis Pfile demonstrates how to properly use the seat belts in the wheelchair positions on the Diamond VIP 2500 ADA compliant wheelchair accessible bus.