The Securement System That Changed Everything

The original 4-point wheelchair securement system, QRT-1 Series retractors defined the way passenger safety devices are designed and tested.
With a range of 3 different options to fit every need and every budget, the QRT-1 Series of retractors offer easy to use, effective 4-Point securement of wheelchairs for virtually any vehicle application.

More than 30 years ago, Q’STRAINT introduced the world’s first fully integrated 4-Point wheelchair passenger securement system, now an industry standard the world over. The QRT line of retractors are the linchpin of that system.


FULLY AUTOMATIC, premium knobless retractor that allows for one-handed operation.


SELF-LOCKING & SELF-TENSIONING retractor with ergonomic housing and dual tensioning knobs.


SEMI-AUTOMATIC retractor that meets all industry standards and specifications.

Anchorage Options

All QRT-1 Series Retractors are compatible with L-Track, L-Pockets and Slide ‘N Click anchorages, or may be directly mounted to vehicle floors, seat legs or barriers.

Every QRT retractor is fully ADA complaint, and meets or exceeds all standards and regulations, including:

  • SAE J2249, ISO 10542,
  • FMVSS 209, 302, 210, 222
  • CMVSS 209
  • CSA Z605
  • 30mph/20g crash testing