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Welcome Your Business to New Life with an A&J Commercial Casino and Hotel Shuttle Bus

A&J Commercial buses complement your hotel brand, casino, or valet parking service by making the best first impression. Your guests will love their stay from the moment they step onboard. These resort and casino buses are comfortable and are available with luxurious amenities. We can exceed any/all of your needs with vehicles that carry multiple passengers with options like wheelchair accessibility, luggage compartments, and many more. Above all, we stand behind our product and are in it for the long haul for you! A shuttle bus from A&J Commercial can help your customers navigate the city.

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The A&J Advantage

Your Personal Commercial Account Manager

As a family-owned company, we do not want to put you through a call center to talk with someone you don't know. At A&J Commercial, you will have a dedicated commercial account manager that is there for you. That means you always have someone you know to call with questions who care about your business's success.

Nearly Limitless Customization

We specialize in solutions, and every business is unique, so that means unique solutions. We have expert factory-certified technicians that are passionate about customization. If it is possible to do, we'll find a way. From PPE to customer luggage and even customer entertainment systems, we have the experience and talent to meet your needs.

Our Used Shuttle Buses Don't Look Used

We have a full body shop, a full paint shop and expert factory-trained technicians that go over every inch of our used buses. Just because you are buying used does not mean you need to sacrifice quality. We eliminate cosmetic defects, change belts/fluids/filters if needed and replace tires under 7/32nds even though the state minimum is 2/32nds. If there is rust, scratches or dents on a shuttle bus, we repair it correctly or replace what is needed.

Body Shop, Paint Shop, Mobility Bay

Trusted Since 1975

We have been working with vehicles since 1975 as a family-owned company, always taking pride in every single vehicle. "Good-Enough" is not in our vocabulary, and we will work tirelessly to ensure the commercial vehicle you purchase meets your needs.

Hotel Shuttle Buses vs. Casino Shuttle Buses

Often the needs of a hotel shuttle bus and a casino shuttle bus are the same: many casinos house hotels, but not all. The big difference between the two are luggage and luxury.

A couple passing luggage onto a Casino/Hotel Shuttle Bus

Hotel Shuttle Buses

A dedicated hotel shuttle bus will ensure that luggage can be loaded and unloaded very quickly and efficiently. Time is money, and time is also essential to the passengers. If the shuttle bus is coming from an airport, the passengers are often very anxious to get to their rooms in the hotel; removing any barriers to them getting to the rooms leaves for happier customers. If the hotel shuttle is used to get customers to local attractions, often time capacity is a primary consideration. If your hotel is near a major local attraction such as a stadium or theme park, being able to get your customers to their destination when they want is essential. No one wants to "wait for the next bus." Hotel shuttles can also take advantage of comedians, singers, theater, political events and more as they come up. A hotel shuttle bus plays a vital role in increasing the value of a customer's stay.

Casino Shuttle Buses

A luxurious casino shuttle bus gives the first impression of your casino to everyone on board. A comfortable ride that features luxurious seats and even entertainment can leave that lasting impression following your customers into your casino. If your shuttle bus is picking up residents from a retirement community, accessibility is also a consideration. Your casino shuttle bus can be outfitted with a side or rear-entry wheelchair ramp, depending on your needs. Side entry ramps are great for curbside access but block the way for ambulatory passengers. Rear-entry wheelchair ramps work well because it allows the curbside door to be used for ambulatory passengers. Do you want the best of both worlds, and really who doesn't? The Shift-N-Step option solves the problem. If you have ambulatory passengers entering the vehicle, the left will "shift" out of the way to allow them to step right on. Have a wheelchair user coming next? No problem. The lift will quickly shift back into place to accommodate people with all abilities. Plus, the lift can hold 800 lbs to allow for even heavy electric wheelchairs.

Making Casino and Hotel Shuttle Buses Your Own

A&J Commercial can customize both casino and hotel shuttle buses. Need branding or a vehicle wrap? No problem. Need USB ports so people can charge their phones after a long plane ride? No problem. Need something unique to your business? We've got you.

What to Think About When Buying a Casino or Hotel Shuttle Bus

Many casinos and hotels around the country have shuttle bus services to carry customers to and from pick-up locations. Casino and hotel bus shuttles are more convenient than public transportation and are often complementary, so visitors do not have to use a taxi or rideshare service. Before buying a casino or hotel shuttle bus as a mode of customer transportation, it is critical to consider this form of an investment carefully.

Floor Plans

The floor plan of the bus interior is another significant factor to consider when buying a casino or hotel shuttle. Businesses should make an effort to purchase a bus that allows for easy passenger boarding and how passengers can move around the interior, especially when carrying luggage. Windows are also vital for customer enjoyment because they help make it feel less cramped.

A&J Commercial offers over 200-floor plans for our casino and shuttle buses. The wide selection of floor plans allows the shuttle bus to be customized to meet the unique needs of your business.


A&J Commercial casino and hotel shuttle buses are ADA compliant and can utilize different floor-plan configurations for ambulatory and wheelchair-using passengers. We offer solid BraunAbility lifts capable of lifting 800 lbs for even large electric wheelchairs. A&J Commercial's goal is to provide convenient and effective accessibility options for your business.


A&J Commercial casino and hotel bus shuttles can accommodate a few passengers up to more than 30 at a time, offering you a wide range of seating options. If a casino or hotel intends to expand its operations soon, buying a larger shuttle bus could be more prudent. Consider fabric and cushioning available for the seats and other details such as cup holders to ensure passenger comfort and enjoyment during the journey.

Bus seating looking down the aisle.

Double Flip-N-Fold seats are a popular option with many businesses. This seating option allows the driver to add or remove two ambulatory seats to add or remove a wheelchair position. This way, your vehicle adapts to your passengers' needs and not the other way around.


Many casino guests and especially hotel guests, bring their luggage with them if they plan to stay for an extended time. Passenger luggage means space is an essential factor to consider when buying a shuttle bus. Depending on your business's needs, we can install overhead luggage compartments or even rear luggage storage areas. It is also vital to remember efficiency when loading and unloading the bus. An A&J Commercial account manager will assist you with finding the right solution to meet the needs of your business's customers.

Man reaching into overhead luggage.

Additional Shuttles

One flexible shuttle may be enough depending on your casino or hotel size; however, if your hotel or casino is growing or is already of a specific size, multiple shuttles may be the way to go. Some businesses prefer multiple of the same flexible shuttle. Other businesses prefer multiple specialized shuttles to meet the needs of different customers. There isn't a right or wrong strategy for the number of shuttles, but a commercial account manager from A&J Commercial can help you decide what makes the most sense for your business.

Row of vehicles.

We have Casino and Hotel Shuttle Buses Available

If you need a shuttle bus for your casino or hotel, we have models that are ready to go for you. A&J Commercial has a selection of new and used buses ready for you. If you need customization, we can work with that as well. If there is something you want, we'll find it in the rare case we don't have.

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