From hospitals to assisted living facilities, A&J Commercial is a vital transportation partner in the healthcare field. The elderly and residents need to have access to transportation for outside activities, such as medical care visits, shopping trips, dining, and senior retreats. Keep your patients and residents healthy by keeping them active and allowing them more accessible access to their medical care needs.

Before purchasing your next paratransit bus, here is some food for thought:

What are the patient/passenger needs?

A&J Commercial can provide solutions to meet nearly any need. We have over 200-floor plans for our A&J Paratransit and customization options for our buses to help meet the needs of your business. Our ADA compliant minivans can hold one or two wheelchair users, and we can even install with a non-emergency stretcher option.


How many wheelchair placements are needed?

All of A&J Commercial can outfit our vehicles to have a flexible number of wheelchair users. A&J Commercial also can install a double foldaway seat so you can change the number of ambulatory and wheelchair positions on the fly.

What is the largest number of passengers or residents that will need transport at any one time?

Max capacity of a vehicle is an important consideration when purchasing a wheelchair van, paratransit, or wheelchair bus for your business. If you need to transport a significant number of people all at one time, a wheelchair bus may be your best bet. If you need to transport one or two wheelchair users at once, an A&J Paratransit or wheelchair minivan may work better for you. If privacy is a concern for your passengers, using several wheelchair vans may be a better solution than a wheelchair bus. With all of the possibilities that A&J Commercial can offer, we will provide you with a free evaluation of your transportation needs to get you the vehicle or vehicles that best fits your needs.

How long and how far with the trips be?

With long trips, additional amenities may be useful. Installing a TV or other entertainment system can make a long ride much easier for all. If you have another idea or special request, let us know. A&J Commercial's technicians are experts at customizing vehicles. If it is possible, most likely, our factory-trained technicians can modify the wheelchair van, paratransit, or wheelchair bus to fit your needs.

An experienced mobility consultant will be able to help you find a paratransit bus for sale that meets your unique needs.