Need more faithful transportation? A&J Commercial Can Help.

If your church needs transportation, the best solution is a church bus. Are you searching for a brand new bus or a used church bus? A&J Commercial has several buses to fit just about any church budget. Our decades of expertise enable us to guide churches to purchase the right bus with the perfect amenities for their specific needs. There are situations where churches are not ready to buy a bus. The church still needs dependable transportation for mission trips, youth camps, or other church activities.

Don't have a driver with a commercial license at your church? No problem. A&J Commercial can still serve your needs. We carry a full line of new and pre-owned buses and vans that do not require a CDL. We also have a selection of buses and vans that can transport all of your congregation members comfortably, including individuals with physical disabilities and other special needs.

When it comes to selecting the right bus for your congregation, one size doesn't fit all. Here are some things to consider:

You Are Unique

Every church has unique needs, and a church bus should meet the needs of your church and the church parishioners. We can customize a church bus for you to make sure your church and your congregation have a bus that meets your unique needs.

Passenger Accessibility Needs

Depending on your congregation, you may need seating primarily for ambulatory passengers, or you may need bus seating for wheelchair users as well. A&J Commercials church buses for sale can be configured for all ambulatory passengers or a combination of wheelchair users and ambulatory passengers. Our church buses feature a convenient side-entry wheelchair lift for easy curbside pickup and drop off along with manual or electronically controlled doors.

Below is a video on our "Double Foldaway Seat" option. This option allows you to fold away the seat to open a space for a wheelchair passenger or to fold down the seat to give two additional seats for ambulatory passengers.

Number of Passengers

Each congregation has different transportation needs. One church may need a 15-passenger bus for recreational trips, and another church may need a larger bus to make trips with a large choir. Whatever your needs there is a church bus for sale near you.

Who Can Drive?

Some buses require a CDL (Commercial Drivers License) if the total number of occupants is over 15. If there are 15 occupants or less (14 passengers + 1 driver), a CDL is to required. Anyone with a valid driver's license can drive the bus giving you church added flexibility. A bus with less than 15 passengers is a great idea for all sizes of churches. Even if your church needs a bus that holds a large number of passengers, adding a smaller bus to your church can be great for trips with a lower number of people. Owning an additional smaller bus can allow for better gas mileage, driver flexibility, and ease of parking. Regardless of your size needs, We have a bus for sale to meet your needs.

New Bus or Used Bus for Sale? - Options for Your Budget

The needs and budget for your church can vary; that is why we have new church buses for sale and used church buses for sale. We can also help you with financing to set up a monthly payment that is right for you.

Buy or Lease?

Leasing can be a great option if you would like to drive a new bus every few years. You also don't have to worry about the future trade-in value of the bus.

Buying a bus is an excellent option if you would like to spend less money over the entire life of the bus. The upfront costs may be a little higher, but you pay less over the life of the bus.


15-Passenger church buses are safer than 15-passenger vans. Buses have additional safety features that bring the overall safety level above a traditional 15-passenger van.

One of our experienced mobility consultants will be able to help you find the wheelchair bus that fits your needs.

Take a tour of one of our church buses for sale that is equipped with a wheelchair lift. In addition to wheelchair-accessible buses, we also offer passenger bus/shuttle bus customization as well.