Childcare Buses in Wisconsin

Finding the appropriate childcare bus does not have to be complicated. A&J Commercial understands the challenges you face when looking for a bus to fit your needs. When transporting young children, there is nothing more important than safety. From essential features that improve a driver’s ability to see the road ahead to seating platforms that can accommodate any need - childcare vehicles must be dependable, maneuverable, and easy to clean. They must also provide your business with sufficient quality and value to last through years of rugged use. 

From seatbelts to roofs, our buses are specially designed to protect little passengers. Whether you’re searching for a vehicle to replace a van, or want to discuss options on Multi-Function School Activity Buses (MFSAB’s), we are here to take your call and assist you in finding the right bus for your childcare facility.

Wheelchair Childcare Buses and Passenger Childcare Buses Available

Your needs are unique to your business, that is why we offer multiple options for childcare buses. You may need a traditional childcare bus, or you may need a childcare bus that meets ADA accessibility standards that has a wheelchair lift in it. Whatever your needs, &dealername% can accommodate you. Need something special? Ask one of our commercial account managers to find or customize exactly what you need.

2019 Ford E-350 White StarTrans 12/2 KDC47705 2019 Ford E-350 White 15 Passenger Bus KDC39105

New Childcare Buses and Used Childcare Buses Available

When it comes to purchasing a bus there are many factors to consider when purchasing new or used. Consider the number of miles you would put on the bus each year and the features that you need when deciding. A commercial account manager can help with this decision, discuss inventory options, and go over any customization that you may wish to add.

The Multi-Function School Activity Bus (MFSAB) Can Be a Great Option for a Childcare Bus or Daycare Bus

This activity bus lives up to its name. It is genuinely multi-function. An activity bus is a great option for field trips, educational outings, recreational outings, or even for pick-up and drop-off. The MFSAB does not require a CDL; it is for passengers of all ages, it is easy to handle, and it has advanced safety features. The MFSAB is safer than a traditional 15-passenger van with staggered seats and a rear emergency exit. When it comes to activity buses, the MFSAB is hard to beat.

MFSAB Does Not Require A CDL

No CDL, no problem. This activity bus for sale has room for 14 passengers plus a driver. No CDL means that anyone in your organization with a valid driver’s license can drive the activity bus. Many childcare and daycare organizations do not have a dedicated driver, and many need the flexibility offered with a safe bus that does not require a CDL.

Child Safety Check System

A&J Commercial's MFSAB (Multi-Function School Activity Bus) has a host of safety features to keep your passengers safe. One of the most significant differences in this vehicle compared to others is the child safety check system. This forces the driver to go through the bus to make sure all the children have exited by placing a button on the interior back wall that sounds an alarm if not pressed after the bus is shut off.