Are you searching for an activity bus for your college, junior college, high school, community organization, daycare, business or municipality? A&J Commercial has the selection and service to accommodate your needs. We only work with the most reputable manufacturers in the industry, and we’ll help you find what you need, even if it’s not on our lot. 

At A&J Commercial, you’ll find activity buses that are safe and dependable. Most buses are easily maneuvered and don’t require a commercial license. We have other options, such as luxury coaches that are ideal for touring, event companies, sporting events, and more. We can customize each selection with options that may include energy-efficient engines, ADA-compliant equipment, custom seating configurations, detailing, and more.

Before purchasing your next activity bus, keep in mind some of these variables:

  • What are the requirements for equipment and luggage storage?
  • Will wheelchair access be needed?
  • Is resale value important?

Tour our MFSAB

No CDL, No Problem

The Multi-Function School Activity Bus (MFSAB) does not require a CDL in most states. This means someone with a standard driver's license can operate this vehicle as long as they meet all other requirements for their particular job position. It has 14 staggered seats and a wide passenger aisle to meet safety requirements.

Child Safety Check System Explained

A&J Commercial's MFSAB (Multi-Function School Activity Bus) has a host of safety features to keep your passengers safe. One of the most significant differences in this vehicle compared to others is the child safety check system. This forces the driver to go through the bus to make sure all the children have exited by placing a button on the interior back wall that sounds an alarm if not pressed after the bus is shut off. Features like this keep A&J Commercial's buses at the top of their class.