White Chrysler Infloor Simple Stow™ with Side Entry Wheelchair Ramp Extended

Simple operation, a convenient infloor ramp, and an easy seating configuration make the Infloor Simple Stow™ ideal for businesses that want to serve ambulatory and wheelchair-using customers alike. The manual infloor ramp does not block the doorway for ambulatory passengers, so your drivers can serve every customer based on their needs.

Introducing the BraunAbility Chrysler Infloor Simple Stow™

A New Era in Commercial Wheelchair Transportation

The ADA-compliant side-entry wheelchair van has been a staple of many businesses for years. BraunAbility brought in a new era of improved inclusion and accessibility by allowing both ambulatory and wheelchair users convenient curbside access. Regardless of a person's mobility needs, the easy-to-operate manual ramp will allow nearly any passenger to ride.

The Fusion of Innovation and Accessibility

Your passengers will enjoy the low-profile step-in height on the ramp side, which allows easy entry and exit for ambulatory passengers. The redesigned infloor ramp surpasses ADA compliance standards while also allowing ambulatory passengers curbside service. The extended handle for easy operation of the ramp is one of those commercial mobility products that makes a difference every time you use it.

Designed for Diverse Transportation Needs

Flexibility is the name of the game. Add an optional aftermarket folding seat in the second row to allow for even more passenger configurations. More opportunity and more passengers mean more profit.

Designed for Commercial Use

Durable and reliable, this vehicle has a 1,000-lb capacity ramp, and the mobility vehicle has been designed for the rigors of commercial use. Dedicated to rigorous testing, the Chrysler ADA Infloor with Simple Stow™ underwent 30,000 cycles of deployment and stowing of the infloor ramp at 150% of the recommended maximum operating speed.


  • ADA & FMVSS Compliant
  • 7-Passenger with Optional Aftermarket 2nd Row Folding Bench Seat
  • 1,000 lb Ramp Capacity
  • 30" Wide Manual Infloor Simple Stow™ Ramp
  • OEM Power Sliding Doors on the Driver and Passenger Sides
  • Removable Step-and-Roll Front Passenger Seat

User-Friendly Features for Seamless Operation

Your drivers will love the innovative ramp, which requires 60% less force to operate with an extended handle that is easy to grip.

Removable Front Passenger Seat

You are not limited to a single wheelchair position on the Chrysler ADA Infloor with Simple Stow™; choose between the midrow and the front passenger position. The front passenger seat is easy to remove and allows your customer to ride up front, giving a more personal connection to your business.

Open Door of Chrysler Infloor Simple Stow™

Committed to Safety and Compliance

Meets or Exceeds ADA Compliance Standards

The robust, durable and innovative design by BraunAbility meets or exceeds ADA compliance standards. Designed with ADA compliance, there are 2-inch-high edge guards for simplicity and durability.

Convenience and Reliability of a Manual Ramp System

The wheelchair van conversion process is extensive, and a manual ramp system provides simplicity without sacrificing functionality. Your driver will still be able to operate the in-floor wheelchair ramp in the unlikely event of a power failure. The ramp's surface is coated, giving more grip for wheelchair users, which is especially important given the unpredictable Wisconsin weather.

Safety Measures that Inspire Confidence

A&J Commercial has been family-owned since 1975, and safety is a top priority. The Chrysler ADA Infloor with Simple Stow™ is crash-tested and certified to meet or exceed all applicable requirements of the Federal Motor Vehicle Safety Standards (FMVSS).


Door Opening Usable Width


Door Opening Usable Height (Middle of Door)

 56.75" - 56"

Interior Height at the Center of Vehicle


Interior Height at Driver and Passenger Position


Ramp Length


Ramp Width (Usable Clear Opening)


Ramp Angle


Interior Floor Length (Behind Front Seat Strikers)


Overall Interior Floor Length (Flat Area)


Interior Width at Passenger Doors (Doors Closed)


Interior Width - Ramp (Deployed) to Optional 2-Passenger Seat (Stowed)


Ground Clearance at Lowest Point (Curb Weight)


Overall Vehicle Height (Unloaded)


*Dimensions are for reference only. Contact a commercial account manager at 888-775-7750 for more details.

FAQ: Your Questions Answered

How does the Chrysler Infloor Simple Stow cater to different users?

Different mobility products cater to different people with different needs. Having ADA wheelchair vans in your fleet allows minivans like the Chrysler Infloor Simple Stow™ to use their wheelchair conversion to accommodate wheelchair users but not impede ambulatory users. This includes users with a walker or other mobility device that does not require the full wheelchair-accessible conversion.

What makes this commercial ADA van stand out for NEMT and taxis using ADA vans?

Non-Emergency Medical Transportation (NEMT) and taxi services require mobility solutions that make their businesses stand out. The flexibility of the Chrysler Infloor Simple Stow™ allows your drivers to meet your customer needs. For ambulatory or wheelchair users, middle wheelchair position or middle passenger position, this vehicle matches the wide range of needs NEMT businesses have.

What is the warranty?

The Chrysler ADA Infloor with Simple Stow™ has a three-year limited warranty.

Is there a Buy America compliant version?

Yes, there is a Buy America compliant version; it is subject to availability. Contact us at 888-775-7750 for availability.