Limited Availability

The value-packed and ultra-reliable Dodge Grand Caravan is going away. There is the discontinuation of production, so there is a limited amount of new and used Dodge Grand Caravans still available. The Dodge Grand Caravan with an ADA-compliant rear-entry wheelchair ramp is a staple of many commercial fleets for small businesses and enterprises. The ease of use, reliability and cost-effectiveness have made this vehicle invaluable to maximize profits and minimize problems.

Downtime is Expensive

Reliability is the hallmark of the Dodge Grand Caravan with a manual ADA-compliant rear-entry wheelchair ramp. A sturdy 34" usable width ramp with a 1,000 lb capacity ensures your vehicle will keep your business running. In addition to reliability and durability, the Dodge Grand Caravan is extremely easy to use for a commercial wheelchair van. The ramp operates simply with a nearly negligible learning curve.

Multiple Floor Plans Available

Multiple floor plan options are available to make sure the Dodge Grand Caravan fits with your business. The flexible floor plans allow accommodation of multiple configurations of ambulatory passenger and wheelchair users. You can maximize wheelchair positions or ambulatory passengers and nearly any combination in between.

ADA Compliant

The manual commercial rear-entry Dodge Grand Caravan is ADA, FMVSS and CMVSS compliant and features ADA commercial flooring throughout and ADA ramp lighting mounted on the vehicle's rear hatch. If your business or location has different requirements, please let us know, and we'll do whatever we can to ensure the vehicle you choose from A&J Commercial is compliant with your needs.

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