Give yourself a power boost. Bruno’s Stow-Away power transfer seat gets you in and out of your truck with ease and no modifications to your cab. The Stow-Away discreetly hides under the truck in a sealed, rugged drawer. Press a button, the drawer opens and seat stops at your ideal transfer height. Then continue your rise.


  • Power transfer seat for pickup trucks
  • Space-efficient designs keeps cab space unaltered
  • Pop-up seat stored in hidden drawer
  • One-button control opens drawer, raises/lowers seat
  • Get easily in and out of truck cab
  • Factory seat and all functionality retained
  • Exterior-grade coating protects sealed drawer
  • Safety handle for stability while transferring


  • Transfer onto Stow-Away from a mobility device and from vehicle seat
  • Insert safety handle into receiver
  • Maintain sitting balance using safety handle and/or vehicle door when seated on Stow-Away
  • Hold down button on control arm to power platform up/down

Model: PUL-1850